THAT MOM the Mom shamers warned you about

multitask-in mother hustler


Hello + thanks for stopping by! I’m Sarah. The highly caffeinated mother hustler out of the Mitten State. I am THAT mom the mom shamers warned you about and the OG of the brand MOM SHIT #momshit . I am a huge advocate of uniting in motherhood + staying true to oneself. I am a boy mama of two blonde hair blue eyed boys ages 5 + 3. I love my coffee either iced or extra hot; there is no in between. You’ll usually catch me with a kid or two making mug drops and hustling merch. They are my world, my why, + my drive! I am currently home with my kiddos whose former life as a social worker helped mold my take no shit attitude. Believe me, I don’t sugar coat and I tell it like it is.  I’m a goal setter + dream chaser! I completed my masters degree in a year and haven’t stopped grindin’ since. I started MAMAS GOT MUGS on a whim with a want for a mom themed vinyl decal that was unique + my style.  I might add I have an addiction to water bottles, tumblers, and mugs! In this, I found a creative hobby outlet.

I love doing this and can hook you up 

Be patient with me -

I can multitask 


a  M O T H E R but momlife is my fulltime job.